Hematology Research Seminar

2018-2019 Academic Year

Date Speaker Title
Aug 30, 2018 Andrew Elefanty, PhD
Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia
Dissection of Human Haematopoiesis From Pluripotent Stem Cells
Sep 20, 2018 Lingheng Li, PhD
Stowers Institute, Kansas City, MO
Expansion of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Targeting Leukemia Stem Cells
Sep 27, 2018 Carissa Dege
Chris Sturgeon lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Ontogeny Is a Critical Determinant of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Natural Killer Cell Function
Kirsten Brenner
Luis Batista lab
A Telomere-Independent Role for the Telomerase RNA Component in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Oct 11, 2018 Joshua Muia
Evan Sadler lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Insights Into the Structure and Regulation of a Metalloprotease Involved in Cardiovascular Disease
Oct 25, 2018 Wilson Fok
Luis Batista lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Inhibition of Polyadenylation Activity by Silencing of PAPD5 Restores Telomerase and Rescues Hematopoietic Failure in Dyskeratosis Congenita
Darlene Monlish
Laura Schuettpelz lab
Differential Effects of TLR1/2 and TLR2/6 Signaling on Normal and Premalignant Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells
Nov 2, 2018 Carolyn R. Bertozzi, PhD
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
10th Rosalind Kornfeld Lecture
Targeting the Cancer Glycocalyx
Nov 8, 2018 Karen Hirschi, PhD
Yale Cardiovascular Research Center, New Haven, CT
Regulation of Hemogenic Endothelial Cell Specification
Dec 13, 2018 Taylor Collins
Stephen Oh lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Interrogation of ASXL1 Mutations in Combination With the JAK2 V617F Mutation in MPNs
Megan Zimmerman
Dan Link lab
MDM2 Inhibition in T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Jan 7, 2019 Jorge A. DiPaola, MD
University of Colorado, Denver, CO
Studying Megakaryocytes, From Inherited Disorders to Old Age Platelets
Jan 17, 2019 Deepti Sood Gupta
Jeff Bednarski lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
A Novel SPIC/BCLAF1 Complex Reprograms PU.1 Activity in Pre-B Cells With Rag-Mediated DNA Breaks
Jan 24, 2019 Daniel Fisher
Stephen Oh lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Interacting Roles of Hyperactive Signaling and Cytokine Overproduction in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
Jan 31, 2019 Mary Armanios, MD
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Medicine Grand Rounds
The Telomere Syndromes: Implications for Patient Care
Jan 31, 2019 Benjamin L. Ebert, MD, PhD
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
46th Carl Moore Lecture
The Genetics of Hematologic Neoplasia: From Clonal Hematopoiesis to Acute Leukemia
Feb 14, 2019 Philip Creamer
Chris Sturgeon lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Defining the Role of CDX4 During Human Definitive Hematopoietic Specification
Julia Wagner
Todd Fehniger lab
A Novel NK Cell-Specific Inducible Cre Model Reveals a Critical Role for Eomes in the Survival, Homeostasis, and Function of Mature NK Cells
Feb 21, 2019 Jared Fowles
Stephen Oh lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Investigating the Genomic and Inflammatory Profiles of Young and Old Polycythemia Patients
Feb 28, 2019 Stephanie Luff
Chris Sturgeon lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Recapitulating Intraembryonic Hematopoiesis in the Dish
Zev Greenberg
Laura Schuettpelz lab
Regulation of Early B Cell Development by the Tetraspanin CD53
Mar 21, 2019 Dhanam Anbukumar
Evan Sadler lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
The Function of Copper Ions in vWF Multimer Assembly
Mar 28, 2019 Alex Vessoni
Luis Batista lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Telomere Dysfunction and Oncogene Stress Induces Differential Responses in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Christina Mikulka
Mark Sands lab
Cell-Autonomous Expression of the Lysosomal Hydrolase GALC: A New Model of Krabbe Disease
Apr 4, 2019 Brett Herzog
David DeNardo lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Desmoplasia in Lung Cancer Immunity and Progression
Ramon Jin
Jason Mills lab
Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
Apr 18, 2019 Kyle Cottrell
Jason Weber lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Upregulation of 5'TOP mRNAs Following Loss of the Tumor Suppressor ARF
Melissa Berrien-Elliott
Todd Fehniger lab
miR-142 Is Required for NK Cell Homeostasis and Function
Apr 25, 2019 Minori Tamai
Todd Druley lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Modeling Infant Leukemia With Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Hochang Jeong
Luis Batista lab
Determining Therapeutic Targets to Restore Hematopoietic Output in Dyskeratosis Congenita
May 2, 2019 Tom Girard Work-In-Progress Seminar
The TFPIαβ (γKO) Mouse Is a Better Model for Studying Human TF-Related Diseases
May 9, 2019 Patrick Grierson
Kian Lim lab
Work-In-Progress Seminar
Overcoming the MK2/ Hsp27 Axis to Potentiate the Effect of Chemotherapy in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC)
Casey Katerndahl
Tim Ley lab
The Mechanisms Underlying PML-RARA-Induced Self-Renewal and Transformation
Jun 3, 2019 John P. Sheehan, Jr., MD
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Plasma Factor IXa in Systemic Hypercoagulability