Required Conferences

(Please click here for a list of all conferences in the Divisions and Hematology and Oncology.)

1. Introduction to Cancer Management

This course is an introductory oncology core curriculum lecture series designed specifically for first-year fellows, although all fellows attend. Lectures take place in July through September and are given by faculty members, experts in their field. A wide breadth of topics are covered that range from the work-up, staging and treatment of the most common malignancies to management of oncologic emergencies and basic chemotherapy pharmacology.

2. Introduction to Hematology

This course is an introductory hematology core curriculum lecture series also designed for first-year fellows, although all fellows attend. These lectures are given by several of the Hematology faculty and are in place of Grand Rounds during July and August each year. Basic hematology topics are covered including: anemia, hemoglobinopathies, bleeding and transfusion, heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, thrombophilia, and sickle cell disease.

3. Hematology and Oncology Grand Rounds

Hematology Grand Rounds and Medical Oncology Grand Rounds are weekly clinical conferences that begins each year in September after completion of the introductory courses. Fellows give a 30-minute, case-based discussion and review of the literature on a hematologic or oncologic subject of their choosing.

4. Hematology Case Conference

This weekly (Monday at noon) conference, attended by fellows and Hematology faculty, is a clinical case conference that provides an in-depth review of the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of hematologic problems.

5. Cancer Biology

In the second half of the academic year, Advances in Oncology is replaced by the Cancer Biology course. These research lectures focus on basic science aspects of cancer biology and therapy. Fellows are introduced to the cutting edge bench research being done at Washington University and how it translates to the bedside. Past series lectures can be found here.

6. Fellows' Tumor Board and Journal Club

The Fellows' Tumor Board is a fellow-led case conference that meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 12:00 PM to discuss fundamental hematologic and oncologic diseases. It is a multidisciplinary approach that includes review of key radiographic and pathologic findings but with an emphasis on treatment-related issues and follow-up. This conference alternates with monthly Fellows' Journal Club.