Oncology Division
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Matthew J. Christopher

Matthew J. Christopher, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Medicine

Oncology Division

Bone Marrow Transplantation & Leukemia

Stem Cell Biology

Clinical Interests

  • Hematopoietic malignancies

Research Interests

  • Acute myeloid leukemia
  • Genomics
  • WT1


  • 314-273-0286 (office)
  • 314-362-1953 (fax)
  • Division of Oncology
    Mail Stop 8007-0057-07
    Washington University
    660 South Euclid Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63110
  • Room 741, Southwest Tower (office)
  • Room 740, Southwest Tower (lab)

Original Articles

  • Genome Sequencing as an Alternative to Cytogenetic Analysis in Myeloid Cancers
    Duncavage EJ, Schroeder MC, O'Laughlin M, Wilson R, MacMillan S, Bohannon A, Kruchowski S, Garza J, Du F, Hughes AEO, Robinson J, Hughes E, Heath SE, Baty JD, Neidich J, Christopher MJ, Jacoby MA, Uy GL, Fulton RS, Miller CA, Payton JE, Link DC, Walter MJ, Westervelt P, DiPersio JF, Ley TJ, Spencer DH
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  • Biology of Disease Relapse in Myeloid Disease: Implication for Strategies to Prevent and Treat Disease Relapse After Stem-Cell Transplantation
    Rimando JC, Christopher MJ, Rettig MP, DiPersio JF
    J Clin Oncol 2021 Feb 10;39(5):386-396
  • Immune Escape of AML Cells After Transplantation. Reply
    Christopher M, DiPersio JF, Ley TJ
    N Engl J Med 2019 Mar 28;380(13):1290
  • Immune Escape of Relapsed AML Cells After Allogeneic Transplantation
    Christopher MJ*, Petti AA*, Rettig MP*, Miller CA, Chendamarai E, Duncavage EJ, Klco JM, Helton NM, O'Laughlin M, Fronick CC, Fulton RS, Wilson RK, Wartman LD, Welch JS, Heath SE, Baty JD, Payton JE, Graubert TA, Link DC, Walter MJ, Westervelt P, Ley TJ, DiPersio JF (*shared first authorship)
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  • Mutation Clearance After Transplantation for Myelodysplastic Syndrome
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  • DNMT3A(R882)-Associated Hypomethylation Patterns Are Maintained in Primary AML Xenografts, but Not in the DNMT3A(R882C) OCI-AML3 Leukemia Cell Line
    Chen D, Christopher M, Helton NM, Ferguson I, Ley TJ, Spencer DH
    Blood Cancer J 2018 Apr 4;8(4):38
  • Comprehensive Genomic Analysis Reveals FLT3 Activation and a Therapeutic Strategy for a Patient With Relapsed Adult B-Lymphoblastic Leukemia
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  • A Genomic Analysis of Philadelphia Chromosome-Negative AML Arising in Patients With CML
    Krysiak K*, Christopher MJ*, Skidmore ZL, Demeter RT, Magrini V, Kunisaki J, O'Laughlin M, Duncavage EJ, Miller CA, Ozenberger BA, Griffith M, Wartman LD, Griffith OL (*shared first authorship)
    Blood Cancer J 2016 Apr 8;6:e413
  • Association Between Mutation Clearance After Induction Therapy and Outcomes in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
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  • Primary Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells With IDH1 or IDH2 Mutations Respond to a DOT1L Inhibitor in Vitro
    Sarkaria SM, Christopher MJ, Klco JM, Ley TJ
    Leukemia 2014 Dec;28(12):2403-6
  • G-CSF Regulates Hematopoietic Stem Cell Activity, in Part, Through Activation of Toll-Like Receptor Signaling
    Schuettpelz LG, Borgerding JN, Christopher MJ, Gopalan PK, Romine MP, Herman AC, Woloszynek JR, Greenbaum AM, Link DC
    Leukemia 2014 Sep;28(9):1851-60
  • CXCL12 in Early Mesenchymal Progenitors Is Required for Haematopoietic Stem-Cell Maintenance
    Greenbaum A, Hsu YM, Day RB, Schuettpelz LG, Christopher MJ, Borgerding JN, Nagasawa T, Link DC
    Nature 2013 Mar 14;495(7440):227-30
  • Expression of the G-CSF Receptor in Monocytic Cells Is Sufficient to Mediate Hematopoietic Progenitor Mobilization by G-CSF in Mice
    Christopher MJ*, Rao M*, Liu F, Woloszynek JR, Link DC (*shared first authorship)
    J Exp Med 2011 Feb 14;208(2):251-60
  • Suppression of CXCL12 Production by Bone Marrow Osteoblasts Is a Common and Critical Pathway for Cytokine-Induced Mobilization
    Christopher MJ, Liu F, Hilton MJ, Long F, Link DC
    Blood 2009 Aug 13;114(7):1331-9
  • Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Induces Osteoblast Apoptosis and Inhibits Osteoblast Differentiation
    Christopher MJ, Link DC
    J Bone Miner Res 2008 Nov;23(11):1765-74
  • Regulation of Neutrophil Homeostasis
    Christopher MJ, Link DC
    Curr Opin Hematol 2007 Jan;14(1):3-8
  • G-CSF Potently Inhibits Osteoblast Activity and CXCL12 mRNA Expression in the Bone Marrow
    Semerad CL*, Christopher MJ*, Liu F, Short B, Simmons PJ, Winkler I, Levesque JP, Chappel J, Ross FP, Link DC (*shared first authorship)
    Blood 2005 Nov 1;106(9):3020-7
  • Methylation and Mutational Analysis of p27(Kip1) in Prostate Carcinoma
    Kibel AS, Christopher M, Faith DA, Bova GS, Goodfellow PJ, Isaacs WB
    Prostate 2001 Sep 15;48(4):248-53