Hematology Division
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Benjamin C. Jennings

Benjamin C. Jennings, PhD


Department of Medicine

Hematology Division


  • 314-362-8828 (lab)
  • Division of Hematology
    Campus Box 8125
    Washington University
    660 South Euclid Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63110
  • Room 8828, Clinical Sciences Research Building (lab)

Peer-reviewed Primary Research

  • A Weak COPI Binding Motif in the Cytoplasmic Tail of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein Is Necessary for Its Cleavage, Glycosylation, and Localization
    Jennings BC, Kornfeld S, Doray B
    FEBS Lett 2021 Jul;595(13):1758-1767
  • Inactivation of the Three GGA Genes in HeLa Cells Partially Compromises Lysosomal Enzyme Sorting
    Doray B, Liu L, Lee WS, Jennings BC, Kornfeld S
    FEBS Open Bio 2021 Feb;11(2):367-374
  • Disease-Causing Missense Mutations Within the N-Terminal Transmembrane Domain of GlcNAc-1-Phosphotransferase Impair Endoplasmic Reticulum Translocation or Golgi Retention
    Lee WS, Jennings BC, Doray B, Kornfeld S
    Hum Mutat 2020 Jul;41(7):1321-1328
  • Mutations in RABL3 Alter KRAS Prenylation and Are Associated With Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer
    Nissim S, Leshchiner I, Mancias JD, Greenblatt MB, Maertens O, Cassa CA, Rosenfeld JA, Cox AG, Hedgepeth J, Wucherpfennig JI, Kim AJ, Henderson JE, Gonyo P, Brandt A, Lorimer E, Unger B, Prokop JW, Heidel JR, Wang XX, Ukaegbu CI, Jennings BC, Paulo JA, Gableske S, Fierke CA, Getz G, Sunyaev SR, Wade Harper J, Cichowski K, Kimmelman AC, Houvras Y, Syngal S, Williams C, Goessling W
    Nat Genet 2019 Sep;51(9):1308-1314
  • SmgGDS-607 Regulation of RhoA GTPase Prenylation Is Nucleotide-Dependent
    Jennings BC, Lawton AJ, Rizk Z, Fierke CA
    Biochemistry 2018 Jul 24;57(29):4289-4298
  • The Tumor-Suppressive Small GTPase DiRas1 Binds the Noncanonical Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor SmgGDS and Antagonizes SmgGDS Interactions With Oncogenic Small GTPases
    Bergom C, Hauser AD, Rymaszewski A, Gonyo P, Prokop JW, Jennings BC, Lawton AJ, Frei A, Lorimer EL, Aguilera-Barrantes I, Mackinnon AC, Noon K, Fierke CA, Williams CL
    J Biol Chem 2016 Mar 18;291(12):6534-45
  • Analogs of Farnesyl Diphosphate Alter CaaX Substrate Specificity and Reactions Rates of Protein Farnesyltransferase
    Jennings BC, Danowitz AM, Wang YC, Gibbs RA, Distefano MD, Fierke CA
    Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2016 Feb 15;26(4):1333-6
  • Massive Endocytosis Triggered by Surface Membrane Palmitoylation Under Mitochondrial Control in BHK Fibroblasts
    Hilgemann DW, Fine M, Linder ME, Jennings BC, Lin MJ
    Elife 2013 Nov 26;2:e01293
  • Redesign of Substrate Specificity and Identification of the Aminoglycoside Binding Residues of Eis From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
    Jennings BC*, Labby KJ*, Green KD, Garneau-Tsodikova S (*authors contributed equally)
    Biochemistry 2013 Jul 30;52(30):5125-32
  • DHHC Protein S-Acyltransferases Use Similar Ping-Pong Kinetic Mechanisms but Display Different Acyl-CoA Specificities
    Jennings BC, Linder ME
    J Biol Chem 2012 Mar 2;287(10):7236-45
  • FKBp12 Binds to Acylated H-Ras and Promotes Depalmitoylation
    Ahearn IM, Tsai FD, Court H, Zhou M, Jennings BC, Ahmed M, Fehrenbacher N, Linder ME, Philips MR
    Mol Cell 2011 Jan 21;41(2):173-85
  • 2-Bromopalmitate and 2-(2-Hydroxy-5-Nitro-Benzylidene)-Benzo[B]thiophen-3-One Inhibit DHHC-Mediated Palmitoylation in Vitro
    Jennings BC, Nadolski MJ, Ling Y, Baker MB, Harrison ML, Deschenes RJ, Linder ME
    J Lipid Res 2009 Feb;50(2):233-42

Peer-reviewed Reviews

  • Mechanism and Function of DHHC S-Acyltransferases
    Linder ME, Jennings BC
    Biochem Soc Trans 2013 Feb 1;41(1):29-34
  • Regulation of G-Proteins by Covalent Modification
    Jennings BC, Linder ME
    In: Handbook of Cellular Signaling, 2nd Edition. Bradshaw and Dennis, 2009
  • DHHC2
    Jennings BC, Linder ME
    UCSD-Nature Molecule Pages published online: 13 Mar 2008. doi:10.1038/mp.a003731.01
  • DHHC8
    Jennings BC, Linder ME
    UCSD-Nature Molecule Pages published online: 13 Mar 2008. doi:10.1038/mp.a003723.01
  • DHHC21
    Jennings BC, Linder ME
    UCSD-Nature Molecule Pages published online: 13 Mar 2008. doi:10.1038/mp.a003729.01
  • DHHC7
    Jennings BC, Linder ME
    UCSD-Nature Molecule Pages published online: 28 Feb 2008. doi:10.1038/mp.a003724.01