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Jason D. Weber

Jason D. Weber, PhD


Department of Medicine

Oncology Division

Molecular Oncology

Department of Cell Biology & Physiology

Research Interests

  • Cell cycle
  • Tumor suppressors
  • Oncogenes


  • 314-747-3896 (office)
  • 314-747-3898 (lab)
  • 314-747-2797 (fax)
  • Division of Oncology
    Mail Stop 8069-0004-07
    Washington University
    660 South Euclid Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63110
  • BJC Institute of Health, Room 7609 (lab)

Peer-reviewed Manuscripts

  • Evaluation of Racial/Ethnic Differences in Treatment and Mortality Among Women With Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
    Cho B, Han Y, Lian M, Colditz GA, Weber JD, Ma C, Liu Y
    JAMA Oncol 2021 Jul 1;7(7):1016-1023
  • Evaluating the Therapeutic Potential of ADAR1 Inhibition for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
    Kung CP, Cottrell KA, Ryu S, Bramel ER, Kladney RD, Bao EA, Freeman EC, Sabloak T, Maggi L Jr, Weber JD
    Oncogene 2021 Jan;40(1):189-202
  • Upregulation of 5'-Terminal Oligopyrimidine mRNA Translation Upon Loss of the ARF Tumor Suppressor
    Cottrell KA, Chiou RC, Weber JD
    Sci Rep 2020 Dec 17;10(1):22276
  • Associations of Race and Ethnicity With Risk of Developing Invasive Breast Cancer After Lobular Carcinoma in Situ
    Dania V, Liu Y, Ademuyiwa FO, Weber JD, Colditz GA
    Breast Cancer Res 2019 Nov 14;21(1):120
  • Race and Risk of Subsequent Aggressive Breast Cancer Following Ductal Carcinoma in Situ
    Liu Y, West R, Weber JD, Colditz GA
    Cancer 2019 Sep 15;125(18):3225-3233
  • DHX33 Interacts With AP-2beta to Regulate Bcl-2 Gene Expression and Promote Cancer Cell Survival
    Wang J, Feng W, Yuan Z, Weber JD, Zhang Y
    Mol Cell Biol 2019 Aug 12;39(17)
  • Mitochondrial Fusion Supports Increased Oxidative Phosphorylation During Cell Proliferation
    Yao CH, Wang R, Wang Y, Kung CP, Weber JD, Patti GJ
    Elife 2019 Jan 29;8
  • Recurrent WNT Pathway Alterations Are Frequent in Relapsed Small Cell Lung Cancer
    Wagner AH, Devarakonda S, Skidmore ZL, Krysiak K, Ramu A, Trani L, Kunisaki J, Masood A, Waqar SN, Spies NC, Morgensztern D, Waligorski J, Ponce J, Fulton RS, Maggi LB Jr, Weber JD, Watson MA, O'Conor CJ, Ritter JH, Olsen RR, Cheng H, Mukhopadhyay A, Can I, Cessna MH, Oliver TG, Mardis ER, Wilson RK, Griffith M, Griffith OL, Govindan R
    Nat Commun 2018 Sep 17;9(1):3787
  • Sabotaging of the Oxidative Stress Response by an Oncogenic Noncoding RNA
    Mahajan N, Wu HJ, Bennett RL, Troche C, Licht JD, Weber JD, Maggi LB Jr, Tomasson MH
    FASEB J 2017 Feb;31(2):482-490
  • DHX33 Transcriptionally Controls Genes Involved in the Cell Cycle
    Yuan B, Wang X, Fan C, You J, Liu Y, Weber JD, Zhong H, Zhang Y
    Mol Cell Biol 2016 Nov 14;36(23):2903-2917
  • The DHX33 RNA Helicase Promotes mRNA Translation Initiation
    Zhang Y, You J, Wang X, Weber J
    Mol Cell Biol 2015 Sep 1;35(17):2918-31
  • Elevated DDX21 Regulates c-Jun Activity and rRNA Processing in Human Breast Cancers
    Zhang Y, Baysac KC, Yee L, Saporita AJ, Weber JD
    Breast Cancer Res 2014 Sep 28;16(5):449-67
  • ARF and p53 Coordinate Tumor Suppression of an Oncogenic IFN-Beta-STAT1-ISG15 Signaling Axis
    Forys JT, Kuzmicki CE, Saporita AJ, Winkeler CL, Maggi LB Jr, Weber JD
    Cell Rep 2014 Apr 24;7(2):514-26
  • The ARF Tumor-Suppressor Controls Drosha Translation to Prevent Ras-Driven Transformation
    Kuchenreuther MJ, Weber JD
    Oncogene 2014 Jan 16;33(3):300-7
  • Posttranscriptional Control of T Cell Effector Function by Aerobic Glycolysis
    Chang CH, Curtis JD, Maggi LB Jr, Faubert B, Villarino AV, O'Sullivan D, Huang SC, van der Windt GJ, Blagih J, Qiu J, Weber JD, Pearce EJ, Jones RG, Pearce EL
    Cell 2013 Jun 6;153(6):1239-51
  • Synergistic Effects of Concurrent Blockade of PI3K and MEK Pathways in Pancreatic Cancer Preclinical Models
    Zhong H, Sanchez C, Spitrzer D, Plambeck-Suess S, Gibbs J, Hawkins WG, Denardo D, Gao F, Pufahl RA, Lockhart AC, Xu M, Linehan D, Weber J, Wang-Gillam A
    PLoS One 2013 Oct 9;8(10):e77243
  • p19ARF and RasV12 Offer Opposing Regulation of DHX33 Translation to Dictate Tumor Cell Fate
    Zhang Y, Saporita AJ, Weber JD
    Mol Cell Biol 2013 Apr;33(8):1594-607
  • Cathepsin K-Cre Causes Unexpected Germline Deletion of Genes in Mice
    Winkeler CL, Kladney RD, Maggi LB Jr, Weber JD
    PLoS One 2012;7(7):e42005
  • Whole-Genome Analysis Informs Breast Cancer Response to Aromatase Inhibition
    Ellis MJ, Ding L, Shen D, Luo J, Suman VJ, Wallis JW, Van Tine BA, Hoog J, Goiffon RJ, Goldstein TC, Ng S, Lin L, Crowder R, Snider J, Ballman K, Weber J, Chen K, Koboldt DC, Kandoth C, Schierding WS, McMichael JF, Miller CA, Lu C, Harris CC, McLellan MD, Wendl MC, DeSchryver K, Allred DC, Esserman L, Unzeitig G, Margenthaler J, Babiera GV, Marcom PK, Guenther JM, Leitch M, Hunt K, Olson J, Tao Y, Maher CA, Fulton LL, Fulton RS, Harrison M, Oberkfell B, Du F, Demeter R, Vickery TL, Elhammali A, Piwnica-Worms H, McDonald S, Watson M, Dooling DJ, Ota D, Chang LW, Bose R, Ley TJ, Piwnica-Worms D, Stuart JM, Wilson RK, Mardis ER
    Nature 2012 Jun 10;486(7403):353-60
  • Knocking Down Nucleolin Expression in Gliomas Inhibits Tumor Growth and Induces Cell Cycle Arrest
    Xu Z, Joshi N, Agarwal A, Dahiya S, Bittner P, Smith E, Taylor S, Piwnica-Worms D, Weber J, Leonard JR
    J Neurooncol 2012 May;108(1):59-67
  • Deconvoluting mTOR Biology
    Weber JD, Gutmann DH
    Cell Cycle 2012 Jan 15;11(2):236-48
  • Hypergrowth mTORC1 Signals Translationally Activate the ARF Tumor Suppressor Checkpoint
    Miceli AP, Saporita AJ, Weber JD
    Mol Cell Biol 2012 Jan;32(2):348-64
  • Loss of Trop2 Promotes Carcinogenesis and Features of Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Squamous Cell Carcinoma
    Wang J, Zhang K, Grabowska D, Li A, Dong Y, Day R, Humphrey P, Lewis J, Kladney RD, Arbeit JM, Weber JD, Chung CH, Michel LS
    Mol Cancer Res 2011 Dec;9(12):1686-95
  • Identification of DHX33 as a Mediator of rRNA Synthesis and Cell Growth
    Zhang Y, Forys JT, Miceli AP, Gwinn AS, Weber JD
    Mol Cell Biol 2011 Dec;31(23):4676-91
  • RNA Helicase DDX5 Is a p53-Independent Target of ARF That Participates in Ribosome Biogenesis
    Saporita AJ, Chang HC, Winkeler CL, Apicelli AJ, Kladney RD, Wang J, Townsend RR, Michel LS, Weber JD
    Cancer Res 2011 Nov 1;71(21):6708-17
  • Identification of FUSE-Binding Protein 1 as a Regulatory mRNA-Binding Protein That Represses Nucleophosmin Translation
    Olanich ME, Moss BL, Piwnica-Worms D, Townsend RR, Weber JD
    Oncogene 2011 Jan 6;30(1):77-86
  • The ARF Tumor Suppressor Regulates Bone Remodeling and Osteosarcoma Development in Mice
    Rauch DA, Hurchla MA, Harding JC, Deng H, Shea LK, Eagleton MC, Niewiesk S, Lairmore MD, Piwnica-Worms D, Rosol TJ, Weber JD, Ratner L, Weilbaecher KN
    PLoS One 2010 Dec 30;5(12):e15755
  • Tuberous Sclerosis Complex 1: An Epithelial Tumor Suppressor Essential to Prevent Spontaneous Prostate Cancer in Aged Mice
    Kladney RD, Cardiff RD, Kwiatkowski DJ, Chiang GG, Weber JD, Arbeit JM, Lu ZH
    Cancer Res 2010 Nov 1;70(21):8937-8947
  • Synthetic Lethality Through Combined Notch-Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Pathway Inhibition in Basal-Like Breast Cancer
    Dong Y, Li A, Wang J, Weber JD, Michel LS
    Cancer Res 2010 Jul 1;70(13):5465-74
  • Nucleolar Disruption Ensures Nuclear Accumulation of p21 Upon DNA Damage
    Abella N, Brun S, Calvo M, Tapia O, Weber JD, Berciano MT, Lafarga M, Bachs O, Agell N
    Traffic 2010 Jun;11(6):743-55
  • PIK3CA and PIK3CB Inhibition Produce Synthetic Lethality When Combined With Estrogen Deprivation in Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer
    Crowder RJ, Phommaly C, Tao Y, Hoog J, Luo J, Perou CM, Parker JS, Miller MA, Huntsman DG, Lin L, Snider J, Davies SR, Olson JA Jr, Watson MA, Saporita A, Weber JD, Ellis MJ
    Cancer Res 2009 May 1;69(9):3955-62
  • Nucleophosmin Redistribution Following Heat Shock: A Role in Heat-Induced Radiosensitization
    Vanderwaal RP, Maggi LB Jr, Weber JD, Hunt CR, Roti Roti JL
    Cancer Res 2009 Aug 15;69(16):6454-62
  • Nucleophosmin Protein Expression Level, but Not Threonine 198 Phosphorylation, Is Essential in Growth and Proliferation
    Brady SN, Maggi LB Jr, Winkeler CL, Toso EA, Gwinn AS, Pelletier CL, Weber JD
    Oncogene 2009 Sep 10;28(36):3209-20
  • Nucleophosmin Serves as a Rate-Limiting Nuclear Export Chaperone for the Mammalian Ribosome
    Maggi LB Jr, Kuchenruether M, Dadey DY, Schwope RM, Grisendi S, Townsend RR, Pandolfi PP, Weber JD
    Mol Cell Biol 2008 Dec;28(23):7050-65
  • A Non-Tumor Suppressor Role for Basal p19ARF in Maintaining Nucleolar Structure and Function
    Apicelli AJ, Maggi LB Jr, Hirbe AC, Miceli AP, Olanich ME, Schulte-Winkeler CL, Saporita AJ, Kuchenreuther M, Sanchez J, Weilbaecher K, Weber JD
    Mol Cell Biol 2008 Feb;28(3):1068-80
  • Deacetylation of the Retinoblastoma Tumour Suppressor Protein by SIRT1
    Wong S, Weber JD
    Biochem J 2007 Nov 1;407(3):451-60
  • c-Fms Tyrosine 559 Is a Major Mediator of M-CSF-Induced Proliferation of Primary Macrophages
    Takeshita S, Faccio R, Chappel J, Zheng L, Feng X, Weber JD, Teitelbaum SL, Ross FP
    J Biol Chem 2007 Jun 29;282(26):18980-90
  • Nucleophosmin Mediates Mammalian Target of Rapamycin-Dependent Actin Cytoskeleton Dynamics and Proliferation in Neurofibromin-Deficient Astrocytes
    Sandsmark DK, Zhang H, Hegedus B, Pelletier CL, Weber JD, Gutmann DH
    Cancer Res 2007 May 15;67(10):4790-9
  • TSC1 Sets the Rate of Ribosome Export and Protein Synthesis Through Nucleophosmin Translation
    Pelletier CL, Maggi LB Jr, Brady SN, Scheidenhelm DK, Gutmann DH, Weber JD
    Cancer Res 2007 Feb 15;67(4):1609-17
  • Phosphorylation-Dependent Ubiquitination of Cyclin D1 by the SCF(FBX4-AlphaB Crystallin) Complex
    Lin DI, Barbash O, Kumar KG, Weber JD, Harper JW, Klein-Szanto AJ, Rustgi A, Fuchs SY, Diehl JA
    Mol Cell 2006 Nov 3;24(3):355-66
  • Nucleophosmin Is Essential for Ribosomal Protein L5 Nuclear Export
    Yu Y, Maggi LB Jr, Brady SN, Apicelli AJ, Dai MS, Lu H, Weber JD
    Mol Cell Biol 2006 May;26(10):3798-809
  • A Faster Migrating Variant Masquerades as NICD When Performing in Vitro Gamma-Secretase Assays With Bacterially Expressed Notch Substrates
    Keller PC 2nd, Tomita T, Hayashi I, Chandu D, Weber JD, Cistola DP, Kopan R
    Biochemistry 2006 Apr 25;45(16):5351-8
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteomic Analysis Reveals Dysregulation of Methionine Aminopeptidase-2 Expression in Human and Mouse Neurofibromatosis 1-Associated Glioma
    Dasgupta B, Yi Y, Hegedus B, Weber JD, Gutmann DH
    Cancer Res 2005 Nov 1;65(21):9843-50
  • Proteomic Analysis Reveals Hyperactivation of the Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Pathway in Neurofibromatosis 1-Associated Human and Mouse Brain Tumors
    Dasgupta B, Yi Y, Chen DY, Weber JD, Gutmann DH
    Cancer Res 2005 Apr 1;65(7):2755-60
  • ARF Impedes NPM/B23 Shuttling in an Mdm2-Sensitive Tumor Suppressor Pathway
    Brady SN, Yu Y, Maggi LB Jr, Weber JD
    Mol Cell Biol 2004 Nov;24(21):9327-38
  • Defining the Molecular Basis of Arf and Hdm2 Interactions
    Bothner B, Lewis WS, DiGiammarino EL, Weber JD, Bothner SJ, Kriwacki RW
    J Mol Biol 2001 Nov 23;314(2):263-77
  • Solution Structure of the p53 Regulatory Domain of the p19Arf Tumor Suppressor Protein
    DiGiammarino EL, Filippov I, Weber JD, Bothner B, Kriwacki RW
    Biochemistry 2001 Feb 27;40(8):2379-86
  • p53-Independent Functions of the p19(ARF) Tumor Suppressor
    Weber JD, Jeffers JR, Rehg JE, Randle DH, Lozano G, Roussel MF, Sherr CJ, Zambetti GP
    Genes Dev 2000 Sep 15;14(18):2358-65
  • Oncogenic Ras Induces p19ARF and Growth Arrest in Mouse Embryo Fibroblasts Lacking p21Cip1 and p27Kip1 Without Activating Cyclin D-Dependent Kinases
    Groth A, Weber JD, Willumsen BM, Sherr CJ, Roussel MF
    J Biol Chem 2000 Sep 1;275(35):27473-80
  • Cooperative Signals Governing ARF-Mdm2 Interaction and Nucleolar Localization of the Complex
    Weber JD, Kuo ML, Bothner B, DiGiammarino EL, Kriwacki RW, Roussel MF, Sherr CJ
    Mol Cell Biol 2000 Apr;20(7):2517-28
  • Disruption of the ARF-Mdm2-p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway in Myc-Induced Lymphomagenesis
    Eischen CM, Weber JD, Roussel MF, Sherr CJ, Cleveland JL
    Genes Dev 1999 Oct 15;13(20):2658-69
  • Nucleolar Arf Sequesters Mdm2 and Activates p53
    Weber JD, Taylor LJ, Roussel MF, Sherr CJ, Bar-Sagi D
    Nat Cell Biol 1999 May;1(1):20-6
  • Functional and Physical Interactions of the ARF Tumor Suppressor With p53 and Mdm2
    Kamijo T, Weber JD, Zambetti G, Zindy F, Roussel MF, Sherr CJ
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1998 Jul 7;95(14):8292-7
  • Ras-Stimulated Extracellular Signal-Related Kinase 1 and RhoA Activities Coordinate Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-Induced G1 Progression Through the Independent Regulation of Cyclin D1 and p27
    Weber JD, Hu W, Jefcoat SC Jr, Raben DM, Baldassare JJ
    J Biol Chem 1997 Dec 26;272(52):32966-71
  • Fibronectin and Cytokines Increase JNK, ERK, AP-1 Activity, and Transin Gene Expression in Rat Hepatic Stellate Cells
    Poulos JE, Weber JD, Bellezzo JM, Di Bisceglie AM, Britton RS, Bacon BR, Baldassare JJ
    Am J Physiol 1997 Oct;273(4 Pt 1):G804-11
  • Ablation of Goalpha Overrides G1 Restriction Point Control Through Ras/ERK/Cyclin D1-CDK Activities
    Weber JD, Cheng J, Raben DM, Gardner A, Baldassare JJ
    J Biol Chem 1997 Jul 11;272(28):17320-6
  • Ablation of Go Alpha-Subunit Results in a Transformed Phenotype and Constitutively Active Phosphatidylcholine-Specific Phospholipase C
    Cheng J, Weber JD, Baldassare JJ, Raben DM
    J Biol Chem 1997 Jul 11;272(28):17312-9
  • Sustained Activation of Extracellular-Signal-Regulated Kinase 1 (ERK1) Is Required for the Continued Expression of Cyclin D1 in G1 Phase
    Weber JD, Raben DM, Phillips PJ, Baldassare JJ
    Biochem J 1997 Aug 15;326 ( Pt 1):61-8
  • IL-5 Receptor Expression and Ig Secretion From Murine B Lymphocytes Requires Coordinated Signaling by Membrane Ig, IL-4, and IL-5
    Weber JD, Isakson PC, Purkerson JM
    J Immunol 1996 Nov 15;157(10):4428-35

Invited Publications